“Bully Bull”


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Hey there mr bull kicking in that stall there nothing you can do to me she already done it all

she told she had fallen Id fallen too now she says its over ain’t nothing I can do

hey mr bull angry in that stall when I climbs abroad our gate they will call and when you start your dance with me

don’t hold back give it your all she told me she had fallen iId fallen too now she says its over there nothing I can do

so when I hit that gate i’ll be looking for 8 but you can tear me in two you can knock me around like a rodeo clown

and remove her tattoo make me one more of your stats flatten out my 4x hat as far as my heart theres nothing you can do

she already broke it in two hey there mr bull answer the call buck me up way in the air the ground will break my fall

and if I get up don’t hold back give that crowd a heart attack she told me she had fallen I’d fallen too that little girl done broke my heart in two